Bank Account in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of a few jurisdictions without foreign exchange control. It does not have restrictions for the amount of funds brought in, transferred from or taken out of the territory. However, according to guidelines of The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, all banks in Hong Kong should meet their clients at least once before they can open any bank accounts for them. Therefore, customers cannot appoint an attorney or proxy representing their company for account opening. Usually, our clients can open the bank account in around 1–5 working days in most of the banks in Hong Kong. Before opening a bank account, we will guide our customers to choose an appropriate bank. Further, we will prepare all the relevant documents and arrange for a meeting with bank managers. Our professional and experienced staff members will provide excellent quality services and will assist in the bank account opening process so as to shorten the processing time as much as possible. The following are our recommended banks in Hong Kong:

Hang Seng Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Bank of China
DBS Bank
China Construction Bank Asia
The Bank of East Asia
Credit Suisse (major in asset management service)
DBS Vickers (major in worldwide securities service)