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Company Registration and Business Services Limited Our office location We are located in The China Hong Kong City Building, Tsim-Sha-Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tsim-Sha-Tsui is at the heart of financial, commercial and shopping district of Kowloon, Hong Kong and our building is the ferry hub between mainland China and Hong Kong. There are more than 20 top international hotels nearby. Our clients will find it very convenient to visit our office when they are in Hong Kong. Below are the names and distances of some nearby hotels:

Name of Hotel Distance (Approx.) On Foot
Royal Pacific Hotel 10 meters 2 minutes
The Marco Polo Prince 20 meters 3 minutes
The Marco Polo Gateway 40 meters 5 minutes
The Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel 200 meters 8 minutes
Langham Hotel 200 meters 8 minutes
The Peninsula Hotel 400 meters 10 minutes
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Hotel 400 meters 10 minutes
Kowloon Hotel 400 meters 10 minutes
The Mira Hong Kong 400 meters 10 minutes
B.P. International House 400 meters 10 minutes
Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel 450 meters 12 minutes
Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel 450 meters 12 minutes
Kimberley Hotel 500 meters 15 minutes
Empire Hotel 600 meters 20 minutes
Kowloon Ramada Inn 600 meters 20 minutes
Inter Continental Hong Kong 700 meters 23 minutes
Renaissance Hotel 700 meters 23 minutes
Tsim Sha Tsui East    
Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel 900 meters 25 minutes
The Royal Garden 950 meters 28 minutes
Regal Meridien Hotel 1000 meters 30 minutes
InterContinental Grand Stanford 1300 meters 35 minutes
Hotel Nikko Hotel 1300 meters 35 minutes