Offshore Trustee (Trusts)

Offshore Trustee Service

Once clients have decided to set up offshore trusts, the first and most important decision is the choice of trustee that gives our clients complete peace of mind. We provide high-quality and reliable Offshore Trustee Service to our clients.

Nominee Service

Like many other countries in the world, Hong Kong companies’ information such as identification details and addresses of directors and members are accessible by the public. Customers may not want their information to be disclosed to the public. To increase confidentiality for maximum privacy protection of our clients, we offer nominee director and shareholder services for selected customers through a full set of legal trust documents whilst our clients retain 100% ownership and control of their companies. Clients can operate bank accounts and execute legal documents as usual.

Moreover, we also provide nominee corporate structure services, which also serveour client’s confidentiality purposes. Please contact us to tailor a corporate structure suitable for your unique needs.